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Safety at Camp

We know it's a big decision to entrust someone else with the care of your child, and that you may worry about their safety when they're away from home. Please know that we take caring for our campers very seriously. Anyone who has worked or volunteered at Aldersgatecan testify that our policies regarding camper safety are our most strictly enforced. See below for our main safety policies.


If you asked a past staff or volunteer about the main safety rule they remember from camp, we are confident that each and every one of them would reply with, "Never be alone with a camper." There are two counselors in each cabin, and campers and adults always travel in groups of at least three (i.e. either 1 adult and 2 campers, 2 adults and 1 camper.)


There are two counselors assigned to a cabin of a maximum of ten campers. In addition to these two counselors, there are many other staff members present at meals and each activity session. Older campers may use the buddy system at times, but counselors are responsible for knowing where their assigned campers are at all times, and campers are never alone.


Our summer applicants go through an intense interview process that lasts an entire weekend, during which we come to understand their beliefs, their strengths, and their weaknesses. We screen their past employment and social media in addition to reviewing references and performing background checks and sexual offender searches. 


We use a combination of summer staff and volunteers to serve as counselors for each camp. A trusted adult, often a pastor or a past Aldersgate staff member, is chosen by Aldersgate to be the leader/coordinator of each camp. This dean is responsible for recruiting volunteers to help during their week of camp. Just like staff applicants, volunteers must complete an application, and Aldersgate performs reference and background checks in addition to a sexual offender search. 


Summer Staff undergo an intense training lasting a minimum of two weeks before working with campers. This training includes everything from activity facilitation to emotional safety to CPR and First Aid. 


Our adventure activities are inspected and adjusted annually by an independent organization. Through this organization's report coupled with our additional inspections throughout the year, we work to constantly improve and update our courses, equipment, and safety procedures.

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